HS Cover frosted

Ref: 1369

Cover with unique properties unparalleled in the market, available only from KLUS Company. It has very good light dispersion. Thanks to the HS cover, you can attain a line of light without visible dots(if used with 140 LED/M tape in the PDS4-ALU extrusion). We recommend using the HS cover when sealing extrusions.

The HS cover in its design is more rigid than the other covers. It is ideally suited to build LED luminaries which are exposed to vibrations. They fit tightly into the extrusion. HS covers were tested in extreme climatic conditions. Along with other tests, they were exposed to the sun in Florida and Singapore.

Light transmission: 70%*
HS cover can withstand high temperatures 120C/ 248F.

* the values given in percentages are approximate values and because of the different optical phenomena occurring in the different extrusions, these values may differ slightly.


  • Double-sided UV protection (very good resistance to weathering)
  • Good fire resistance and very good mechanical resistance
  • Good class of refractory – resistance
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