LIGER Cover frosted

Ref: 17031

Cover dedicated to creating a line of light. Fits all basic Kluś extrusions.  A line of light is easily achievable with the LIGER cover. It has excellent diffusing properties. You can attain a line of light without visible dots if used with a minimum of 60 LED/M tape along with extrusions LIPOD, LOKOM, LARKO, LESTO, KOZEL. The cover’s characteristics are high quality, uniform cross-section and high flexibility.

Light transmission: 70%

Line of light can be also achieved with the following KLUS extrusions: PDS4-ALU, PDS-4-K, PDS-O, 45-ALU

LEDs: - 120LED/m, 9.6W - 120 LED/m, 14.4W - 140LED/m, 16W - 120LED/m, 18W

* the values given in % are approximate values and because of the different optical phenomena occurring in the different extrusions, these values may differ slightly.

  • Very good light dispersing qualities
  • Line of light with cover liger
  • Special optical material
  • High quality frosted matte surface
  • Recommended to be used with bent extrusions
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