SZER Cover

Ref: 17081

A wide cover dedicated to the SEPOD, SEKODU, SEKOMA profile. SZER Cover is a very elegant cover, which reveals its aesthetic value when the luminaire is turned on. Its attractive surface structure refracts the light creating a soft blurred effect. In practice, this means reducing the effect of LED light dots while maintaining high light transmission.

Trimming of SZER cover: Trim SZER cover shorter than the extrusion due to different expansion coefficient of aluminium and plastic. The difference in length should be made adequate in relation to the length of the fixture. E.g. in the case of a 2m fixture, a cover should be 2mm shorter than the extrusion on its both ends.

Light transmission: 83%*

* the values given in % are approximate values and because of the different optical phenomena occurring in the different profiles, these values may differ slightly.

  • Reduces the fenomenon of glare (UGR) while maintaining 83% light transmission
  • Good light diffiusion
  • High quality
  • Elasticity and uniform cross-section
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Technical specification
Material PC
Available length 39.4", 78.75", 118.11"
UV resistance increased
Technical drawing