SZER-L Cover frosted

Ref: 17083

Wide cover dedicated to the SEPOD, SEKODU and SEKOMA extrusions. It has excellent diffusing properties. The cover’s characteristics are high quality and uniform cross-section.

Trimming of SZER cover: Trim SZER cover shorter than the extrusion due to a different expansion coefficient of aluminum and plastic. The difference in length should be made adequate in relation to the length of the fixture. E.g. in the case of a 2m fixture, a cover should be 2mm shorter than the extrusion on its both ends.

Light transmission: 52%*

* the values given in % are approximate values and because of the different optical phenomena occurring in the different extrusions, these values may differ slightly.

  • Good light diffusion
  • Aesthetic values
  • Good optical properties
  • The highest surface standard
  • Reduces the glare phenomenon
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Technical specification
Material PC
Available length 39.4", 78.75", 118.11"
UV resistance increased
Technical drawing