LESTO Extrusion

Ref: B5551ANODA

Patent Number: US D724,258S

  • No interference with the structure of drywall ceilings and walls
  • Ability to create a line of light
  • Can be combined in straight and broken linear runs
  • Easy mounting
  • Masking the uneven edges of grooves
  • Designed to reach an IP65 waterproof rating
Silver anodized
Technical specification

- main lighting installation, especially in existing drywall structures


- using surface springs
- using mounting adhesive

Additional information

- wide flange not requiring a precise groove

Architectural extrusions for LED tape – dedicated to be mounted into ceilings and drywall. The height of the extrusion was designed to produce a single line of light with LEDs spaced 15 mm (0.59") apart and a frosted cover HS 22. The extrusion can accomodate two of the 10 mm (0.39") wide LED strips. Extrusion can be mounted to a surface with the use of mounting springs. 

The bottom side of the LESTO profile does not interfere with the support structure of the ceiling or drywall. This allows mounting a fixture based on this profile in any direction to the existing wall or ceiling.

Possibility of making a linear fixture with IP65 protection, which means the fixture is dustproof and waterproof in contact with water jets.
Achieving IP65 is possible with the following covers: LIGER-22, MUN-22 and HS-22.

Turn off LED lights during peak day light hours in outdoor applications to avoid excessive heat buildup which will result in diminished LED life.

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
B5551ANODA_1 Silver anodized
B5551ANODA_2 Silver anodized
Technical drawing