TEKNIK-ZM Extrusion

Ref: C0399NA
  • Simple solution to facilitate mounting for eye-catching, serviceable, built-in lighting fixtures
  • Extrusions can be joined in a straight line or at an angle using ZM connectors
  • Convenient access to ZM connectors
  • Better stabilization in the connection points of the extrusions
  • Ribs in the bottom of the extrusion improve the functioning of TEKNIK latches
Non anodized (raw)
Technical specification

- technical extrusion, for making precise gaps (grooves) in the surfaces of drywall walls and ceilings, for embedding compatible extrusions – LED lighting fixtures


- for the construction of ceilings and walls made of drywall boards, or for mounting directly to the edges of drywall boards using bolts

Additional information

- while finishing a surface with the TEKNIK-ZM extrusion inserted, its interior must be protected against contamination
- lighting fixtures compatible with the TEKNIK-ZM extrusion are connected using TEKNIK latches

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
C0399NA_1 Non anodized (raw)
C0399NA_2 Non anodized (raw)
Technical drawing