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1. During visits to our website your computer stores snippets of information called cookies which are text files corresponding HTTP queries directed to our server. The use of cookies is an accepted practice in the WWW. They are used to ensure optimal operation of your visit to our website and enable faster and easier access to information. Cookies are not used for the processing of personal data and their content does not allow the identification of the user, their tracking and navigation. The stored information or accessing it does not change the configuration of your device and the software installed on it. If you do not agree to have your information stored through cookies you can change the rules for using cookies in the settings of your web browser.

2. Collection of data

Collected data consists of standard information like:
-public address IP which is used to view or website
-date of request
-information about errors that occurred in the implementation of HTTP
-URL of the page previously visited by the user
-Viewing information of the user

3. Use of Data This websites uses Google Analytics and other analytical tools which help with the study of how users use this site. These tools use cookies to gather the standard information mentioned above. The data is anonymous. Cookies cannot be used to gather information from your hard drive or your email. Cookies can also be sent from the server sites to which we refer.

For more information about cookies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie