HR-ALU Extrusion

Ref: B1889

The design and parameters of HR-ALU extrusion and its cover make the fixture durable and sturdy when mounted in the floor, as well as resistant to standard loads, cleaning and general floor maintenance. Environment friendly.

Patent Number: US D693,052 S

  • Designed to reach an IP67 waterproof rating
  • Small size
  • Resistant to standard loads expected for floors
Non anodized (raw)
Technical specification

- waterproof, floor-mounted lighting fixtures in rooms briefly exposed to water (e.g. bathrooms)


- glued into the prepared gap between floor tiles (or wall tiles)
- the remaining gap is filled with grout

Additional information

- the profile withstands the standard load resulting from pedestrian traffic, typical of domestic rooms
- it is extremely important to properly seal HR-ALU components (extrusion, covers, end caps, LEDs) if the fixture are assembled by KLUS
- for sealing HR-ALU extrusion we recommend using DOW CORNING 3145 , transparent Neutral Silicone
- when choosing other sealing materials it is important to know their quality, applications and that they do not conduct electricity
- the quality of HR-ALU extrusion sealing depends solely on the quality and precision of the sealing process as well as the quality of the sealing material
- spece for LED strip: 0.44" / 11.2 mm


Possibility of making a linear fixture with IP67 protection, which means the fixture is dustproof and waterproof.

Turn off LED lights during peak day light hours in outdoor applications to avoid excessive heat buildup which will result in diminished LED life.

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
B1889NA_1 Non anodized (raw)
B1889NA_2 Non anodized (raw)
B1889NA_3 Non anodized (raw)
Technical drawing