MOD-50 Extrusion

Ref: 18047
  • Serviceable from the bottom, which allows it to be placed “wall to wall
  • Possibility to build an LED lighting fixture with a low unified glare rating (UGR) below 19 (with the JUN-50 Prismatic cover)
  • The fixture can accommodate power supplies and control electronics
  • Systematic solution for convenient assembly and disassembly
  • Upward/downward illumination possible
  • Ability to create lighting fixtures with high luminous efficiency
  • The possibility of increasing light efficiency by 20% when using REFLEX 16-60 reflectors
  • Resistance to vibrations and oscillations which increases safety
  • Can be combined into singular and sectioned runs
  • Can be lacquered (without affecting the color of light)
  • Can be used with flexible LED strips rigid LED modules
Silver anodized
Technical specification

- for the construction of advanced ceiling light fixtures, mounted to the surface or suspended where surface mounting is difficult.


- comfortable and reliable assembly
- the possibility of using self-tapping screws

Additional information

- the MOD-50 lighting fixture can be anodized or painted. The MOD-50 lighting fixture can generate a strong downward beam (two LED strips 0,39" / 10 mm wide or a single firm LED module up to 0,86" / 24 mm wide) and an upward backlight beam (one 0,39" / 10 mm LED strip)
- the MOD-50 lighting fixture is designed so that its "core" (extrusion with LED strips, power supply, wires) can be fully prepared in advance (in factory conditions). At the destination of mounting, the ready "core" of MOD-50 can be snapped into the previously mounted housing frame and connected to power
- for each 39,3" / 1 m of the lighting fixture, two locking bolts must be used. With lighting fixtures shorter than 39,3" / 1m, at least 2 bolts must be used

The MOD-50 lighting fixture is compatible with the following covers:
- JUN-50 Prismatic cover, material: PMMA, length: 59" / 1.5 m, UV resistant , the possibility of obtaining a glare factor UGR ≤ 19 
- POL-50 frosted cover, material: PC, lengths: 39,3" / 1 m, 78,7" / 2m UV resistant

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
18047ANODA_1 Silver anodized
18047ANODA_2 Silver anodized
Technical drawing