KOZUS-CR Extrusion

Ref: C0600NA

  • Create a line of light at the junction between walls and ceilings
  • The extrusion fits into the thickness of one drywall panel
Non anodized (raw)
Technical specification

- to create a line of light where the ceiling meets the wall


- fixed in the gap between the wall and the ceiling using fixing glue

- The PROTECTIVE INSERT TECH-22 ensures that the profile slot remains wide enough for the snap-in cover.
  Its use is NECESSARY during mounting and finishing works.

Additional information

- the profile fits in the thickness of one drywall panel
- after gluing the KOZUS-CR profile in the gap, its fixing "wings", which are in contact with the wall and the ceiling, should be covered with tuff-tape. This will prevent the exposure of cracks caused by the work of various materials
- the use of a standard mesh or non-woven fabric may be insufficient
- the KOZUS–CR profile can be fitted with the TECH-22 protective insert, which protects the inside of the profile from contamination during assembly
- spece for LED strip: 0.95" / 24.2 mm

Turn off LED lights during peak day light hours in outdoor applications to avoid excessive heat buildup which will result in diminished LED life.

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
C0600NA_1 Non anodized (raw)
C0600NA_2 Non anodized (raw)
Technical drawing